Designer kurtas are an exclusive traditional Indian clothing that is not just versatile in styling ways but is also holds a special place in every man’s wardrobe. It can be styled with various clothing to suit different occasions such as different types of bottoms like jeans, churidar pants, dhoti pants, straight pants, or you can layer with bandhgalas or bundi jackets that are heavy embellished or have intricate embroidery. Whether you are attending a wedding or a religious ceremony or dressing up to flaunt your ethnic wardrobe you need to have the right kurta styles for the right occasion to ramp up your look while wearing one. Today in this blog, we have inlaid a check list of these kurta styles that one must own to elevate their fashion game. 

Classic Kurtas 

These classic kurtas are a timeless choice that never goes out of style. They are usually made of cotton that is soft to touch or linen that’s breathable and lightweight. They come in a range of colors. The classic kurta is perfect for casual gatherings and puja ceremonies. The colors that you must choose are navy, yellow, light pink and light blue. You can pair these classic kurtas with jeans and traditional churidar pants for a well-balanced look. 

Pathani Kurta 

Pathani kurtas are inspired by traditional attire of Afghanistan, which is known for their simplicity and comfort. This kurta features a straight-cut silhouette with long sleeves and a button-down front. These Pathani kurtas are typically made from fabrics like cotton and linen. They can be worn for casual or semi-casual occasions. The colors that you must go for are bottle green, navy blue, black and maroon. You can pair these with dhoti pants and accessorize with pathani shoes or leather loafers.  

Angrakha Kurta 

These kurtas resemble the traditional attire of Rajasthani nobility. They are known for their unique overlapping design that creates a V-neck structure around the collar. They are perfect to add a touch of royal charm to your look. The colors you must go for are red, blue, grey or green. These angrakha kurta styles are often adorned with embellishments that are suitable for festive occasions.  

Achkan Style Kurta 

Achkan-style kurtas are a reminiscent of the Mughal era, known for its ornate design and royal appeal. These kinds of kurta styles often have heavy embroidery, intricate patterns and opulent fabrics like silk or velvet. You can opt for these kinds of achkan-style kurtas for grand occasions like weddings or formal events, where you want to exude opulence and grace.  

Bandhgala Kurta 

Bandhgala kurtas are categorized by their high closed neck collar that gives a formal and sophisticated appearance. These kinds of kurta styles are an excellent choice for formal events, business meetings or wedding events where you want to make a lasting impression. You can pair them with churidar pants or tailored trousers and can accessorize your outfit with leather shoes. 

Sherwani-style Kurta 

If you want to flaunt your nobility at special occasions like weddings or grand celebrations, you can choose Sherwani-style kurta sets. It combines the elegance of a sherwani with the comfort of a kurta. These kinds of kurtas feature intricate embroidery, bead work and fabrics like silk or brocades are induced in this clothing. You can pair these sherwani-style kurtas with a pair of churidar pants or straight fit trousers, to get a regal allure look.  

Printed Kurtas  

Choose printed kurtas if you want to give your selection of kurtas some flair. These kurtas come in a variety of colors and prints, including floral and geometric patterns. You can opt for light and bright colors in cotton and linen fabrics. For informal events or when you want to express your personal style without going crazy, printed kurtas are perfect. 

Short Kurtas  

These types of kurtas are contemporary in nature as they blend with traditional designs as well as mod trousers ern ones too. They are shorter in length and are often paired with jeans or casuals. The colors that you must go for short kurtas are muted reds and pinks, blue and black. You can pair these with jeans or chinos.  

Layered Kurtas 

Layered kurtas feature multiple layers, adding depth and texture to your outfit. If you want to have a trendy and fashionable look, you can consider adding a layered kurta to your wardrobe. They can be dressed either in up ways or down ways, making them versatile for various occasions. For colors you can opt for emerald, royal blue and Fushia pink.  

In conclusion, we conclude that by adding a variety of kurta styles to your wardrobe, you can be prepared for any kind of occasion, from outings to formal events, wedding ceremonies to weekend dinners. Try experimenting with different fabrics, colors and designs to find the perfect kurta sets that suit your style and personality. With these wardrobe essentials, you’ll be ready to oomph up your look and showcase your fashion prowess in the world of ethnic wear.  



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